NP-3S Chart Projector


The Righton NP-3S Projector is a tried and tested projector, perfect for all refraction rooms. A powerful remote control makes navigation through the 22 slides straightforward and instantaneous.


  • Silent Operation
  • Fast, random access functionality
  • 5 Letters / Line with multi-20/20 lines
  • Various optotypes included
  • Advanced polarized slides included
  • Programmable

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Quick and Quiet

Selection of the desired chart can be made in the blink of an eye, produces no irritating noises, and results in fast, quiet examinations.


The sequence of the exams can be programmed according to your patients’ requirements, for smoother examination flow. Up to two programs can be input with 16 charts each.

Masking and Red-Green Overlay

For either mask type, masking can be provided horizontally, vertically, or letter-by-letter. Also, all charts can be used with Red-Green overlay.

Foot Knobs

Four foot knobs allow flexible adjustment of projection angle in all directions.

Fixed Focus Type

When the projector and the patient are at the same distance from the chart screen, the projector automatically produces the exact size of the chart image. The focusing dial lets you produce sharp chart images on the screen. It’s located on the bottom of the projector for easy access.

Variable Focus Type

Allows the placement of the projector independent of the patient. The zoom lens can be manually adjusted to obtain the necessary chart size. Allows placement of the projector independent of the refracting distance for clear, bright images.

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