TCP-3000 Polarizing Chart


  • Extensive polarized test chart selection
  • High quality 24“ LCD
  • Integrated computer
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Multi-language operation
  • Color vision test chart
  • Programmable display sequences
  • Printable test reports
  • Multimedia tool

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Product Details

The Tomey TCP-3000P polarizing chart panel represents the modern way of displaying optotypes for refraction tests. All charts necessary for a conventional refractive test are already pre-programmed. The randomized display of charts is also an option. Several color vision tests like Ishihara or 100 HUE, as well as the various displays to qualify your patients contrast sensitivity, are available. You will also find ETDRS chart, HOTV test, Fixation Display test and AMD optotypes. For patient education you can show and create various pictures and animations. The test report function allows to create and print individual reports. The display of Landolt rings is according to DIN 58220-3 and DIN EN ISO 8596.

Charts and Tests

Polarizing     ETDRS pol. mask, phoria test, Snellen pol. mask, coincidence h/v, balance, stereo test, TNO, pol. 3D,pol. red-green
Standard Snellen, Landolt (DIN), letters, numbers, characters
Color Vision Ishihara, 100 HUE
Red-Green Schober, Worth, Bichrombalance, fixation disparity,
Low Vision ETDRS, crowding bars, AMD-optotypes, Amsler
Contrast Contrast-sensitivity, contrast-adjustment
Children HOTV, hands, pictures, symbols, animations
Extra Hearing/speaking impaired, patient education, 3D images

Screen Type

24″ polarized LCD

Auto Off Function

Adjustable from 4 to 240 minutes

Visus Units

Snellen decimal, LogMar, Snellen m. (6/), Snellen ft. (20/)

Working Distance (ft)

6.5′ ~ 23′

Working Distance (m)

2m – 7m

Power Input

115-230V AC, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

Less than 70VA

Remote Control

3-channel adjustable, AAA LR6 batteries


13.2 lb (6 kg)


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